UCLA Information Studies: Fields of Endeavor || Featuring John Bultena (University of California, Merced)

bultenaSAA @ UCLA presents “UCLA Information Studies: Fields of Endeavor.” The Fields of Endeavor series introduces UCLA Library and Information Studies program graduates and current interns who are out in the field taking knowledge learned in the program and putting it to use! We are excited to feature John Bultena.

Name: John Bultena
Graduation Year: 2012
MLIS Focus: Library Studies
Title and Site: Lecturer –
Merritt Writing Program | University of California, Merced

What do you do all day?
I lecture on and discuss writing with my students. The challenge comes in dealing with a widely diverse student population in terms of both background and fields of study. The Merritt Writing Program at UC Merced is built around the notion of developing the writing of students in such a way that they can explain their ideas to much wider audiences. This is crucial as interdisciplinary research is necessary in contemporary academics. Due to the background afforded to me while at UCLA, I can approach a wide range of topics with base level knowledge at the worse. This means I can help students bridge the gaps between their field and other fields that they may not even be aware of.

First personal item that you put on your desk:
Large cloth Blind Guardian poster.

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