Las Vegas Trip 2/15/13 Recap & Photos

A group of 13 UCLA MLIS students, faculty, and friends traveled to Las Vegas on the weekend of February 15 for a weekend of archives, museums, tours, and a little debauchery. Friday afternoon started with a tour of University of Las Vegas Nevada Special Collections. Su Kim Chung, the Manuscripts Librarian, greeted and presented us with some collection highlights, including historic maps of Las Vegas, books on gaming, showgirl costume sketches, photographs of the Rat Pack, and much more. The highlight for us aspiring archivists was going behind-the-scenes and checking out the awesome UNLV Library Preservation/Conservation Unit.

Su Kim invited our group to a reception for a “Vegas Style” exhibit at the Nevada State Museum. We couldn’t say no to hors d’oeuvre and drinks! The museum is located on the Las Vegas Springs Preserve, making for a lovely reception site.

1279 IMG_3019 IMG_3022 IMG_3013IMG_3028

Saturday was spent at the Mob Museum and the Neon Museum and Boneyard. The Mob Museum is actually the location of an old post office and federal building, which fortunately was utilized well into museum exhibits. The Neon Museum is an excellent tour stop for any Las Vegas visitor. The guided tour is entertaining and informative. We completed our day with a stop at the Erotic Heritage Museum and night out. Fun times were had.

IMG_1668 IMG_3048 IMG_3074 IMG_3077 1351 1360 1364 1377 IMG_3044On our last day, Sunday, we met Brian Paco Alvarez for a tour of Fremont Street in Downtown Las Vegas. Paco is a Las Vegas native and a true expert on all things Vegas. He led a very entertaining tour of Las Vegas’ classic casinos and hotels.

Finally, our last stop was the Atomic Testing Museum. The museum documents the history of nuclear testing in Nevada. It has a wealth of images, objects, film, and text. Also worth a stop. And from there, our group braved the traffic back to Los Angeles. THANK YOU to our gracious hosts, Su Kim Chung and Brian Paco Alvarez!!

IMG_3116 IMG_3118 IMG_3120 IMG_1705 IMG_1715 IMG_1728 IMG_3123


Author: Society of American Archivists at UCLA

Welcome to the Society of American Archivists student chapter at the University of California, Los Angeles! The Chapter is open to all students interested in any aspect of archival management and preservation ranging from traditional materials such as manuscripts, personal papers, and business records to electronic and digital media in all formats.

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